Track How Much a Space is Booked During a Certain Period (Space Utilization)



  • Viviane Neumann

    For everyone else maybe interested in this -  The answer was:

    The formula for the columns are:

    “Booked Days”: How many days the specific room is booked in the date frame you’ve selected

    “Booked Time”: How many hours the specific room is booked in the date frame you’ve selected

    “Chargeable Booked Days” : How many of the “Booked Days” were charged (for example you’ve charged your client at 28 of 29days rent)


  • Pamela Smith

    I'm having troubles with the 'Actual Space Rental' calculating properly. This appears to be calculating the total space rental for the entire event (multiple spaces), rather than the actual space rental against that particular space. 

    Also, is it possible to tag the total square feet against a room - so that this can form part of the space analysis - i.e. total square feet used across multiple spaces for the month?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Eddie,

    This is something that needs to be resolved through our Development Team. Please enter a ticket with Client Care with all the necessary details, and they can begin working on getting it routed to the correct team for a resolution.



  • This report is not working for us we are getting an error message that reads "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow" 

  • Mavis Yew

    Hi, Will like to know what is the formula of all the fields from this report.

    Tried to match the data but seem like the information generated does not match.






  • Viviane Neumann

    My colleague from the Technical Department has sent you an email - let us know if you need anyhting else.

  • Viviane Neumann

    Dear Mavis,
    We will get back to you about this next week. Thank you.

  • Mavis Yew

    Hi Viviane,


    Thanks for your response.

    As we will like to make full use of the existing standard report in the system but before that we will need to understand the report before we can intro to the users.



    Mavis Yew


  • Hey Eddie McCarron - Royal Dublin Society - Ireland it sounds like a maths issue (like trying to calculate a number greater than the maximum allowed value)

    If you can run the Crystal Report inside Crystal it should highlight the formula that's causing the issue.

    That being said, i'm sure if it's a stock USI report they'll have it fixed for you in no time ;)

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