• Brooke Adamson

    We have two notices called Booking Conflicts 1 and Booking Conflicts 2. A user explained that this is the case because there was a 'limit' on the number of entries each category could have, so when they 'hit' the limit they created the 2nd category and after a certain amount of time would go 'clean up' and delete old ones. Long question short: is there a limit on the number of entries you can enter per notice category?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Brooke,

    There is no limit on the details that can be created for a notice.  When the users say they hit a "limit," what happens? 


  • Megan Eve

    Would Notices be used to show what we call "dark" days? We use lead and strike times for events but this is something like an event is blocking another venues parking lot so we do not want to book that venue the lot is being blocked. But we also don't want to "book" and event for that space just to block off the venue on the booking calendar. We want our employees to know that they cannot book that space without creating an event. thanks!

  • Sean Tame

    You could consider booking the venue that cannot be used against the event that is blocking the other event with a specific status or usage.  This way, you can see that the event has an impact on the space but not have to charge for or script into that space.

  • Mary Ann Torres

    I am on the main menu and I do not see a link for Notice Categories.


  • Megan Eve

    Mary did you try searching for it in the 'find menu item'


  • Laura Alexander

    Can we look at adding notices to the events calendar and calendar of events?


  • Mark Fingerhut

    We've had some initial discussions about adding notices to the monthly-formatted calenders including Event Calendar and Calendar of Bookings, but no timeline to do this currently. What are you referring to with the Calender of Events? Is that the public-facing online calendar? Or something else. Thanks. 

  • Jule Sievert

    Hey all,

    is it possible to make these booking calendar notices visible in the dashboard, too?

    i basically want to see all the notices immediately in a list like in the notice categories, but i do not seem to be able to access this specific notices view.

    many thanks

  • Sam Wilson

    Hello Jule,

    Notices are not currently available as a standalone view that could be directly added to the Dashboard using a view gadget. 

    It may be possible to create a custom data source in order to ultimately display an EZWriter gadget with this information. Your CSM can assist you in researching alternatives.

    This may also be a good idea for an enhancement to the application. You can submit an enhancement request using our Product Idea forums.

    1. Access the Support Center. (https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com )

    2. Go to the The Community by clicking on the Collaborate! button.

    3. Click on the Product Ideas tab.

    4. Click the Enter the Forum button for the forum where you would like to add the enhancement request. (I believe this would fit best in the Venues or General Product Ideas forums.)

    5. Click the Create a Post in this Topic button.

    6. Complete the form and click the Submit button.



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