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  • Theresa Gorman

    I am cleaning up unused usage at the moment.  Function scripting appear to have a long list to select from.  Having read the above, I am unsure how to have usage for either 'booking only' or 'functions' only.  You state above:

    • Use For Bookings – If checked, the usage is available when booking spaces for an event.  These usages will not be available for functions.

    This is not the behaviour I experience. e.g. I have usage 'Organisers Office' this only has a tick in 'use for bookings' but it is available in the function selection.  How can it be excluded from functions?


  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Theresa - I believe our article is misleading and I'll have it corrected. By checking the Use For Bookings box, it means the Usage will be available for both Functions and Bookings. We do not have a way of creating a Usage that's only available for bookings and not functions.

    Mark F

  • Jamila Bray

    Hi there,

    Is there a way of retiring a usage that we no longer require? We are not able to delete it as it is in use for some of our spaces which are booking lines for rooms (Service Order Items).

    1) Is there a way of reclassifying the booking lines using edit multiple? We think the only way to do this is by seeing all the individual Service Order Items for all events and seeing what usage was selected and reclassifying them. Is there a way to do this  as we have not been able to filter down?

    We have been able to reclassify at Function level for live events (not cancelled or lost) but not Booking level. We understand that as the utlilisation for booking tick makes the usages available for both Functions and Booking. 

    2) How do we reclassify the cancelled / archived events to then be able to delete the usage?

    3) When we un-tick the use for utilisation and booking - that usage still appears. Is there a way of to stop it from being an option?


    I hope that makes sense - thanks!


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Jam,

    Currently there is no way to retire a usage but I do have good news that it has been added for .97 which is expected for release in the next few weeks! I personally would wait until you upgrade to that version and then use the retire feature as it will be much easier than having to reassign usages and trying to "hide" it from being selected. 



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